About Me

Hello, I'm Tom. I'm a Berlin based performer and theatre-maker from Newcastle Upon Tyne.

I create devised theatre performance, music, video and installation which is strongly informed by process art. My approach is an embodied, intuitive engagement with mixed media and explores the complexities and curiosities of being a person (i.e. me): a bundle of memories, right now, destined to pass.

I am interested in creating real-time compositions which embrace the unique possibilities of any given moment. These often take the form of structured movement and sound based improvisations or performative installations involving site-specific elements, audience interaction and lots of precious mistakes. The compositions can be seen as a collaboration in a shared moment of time and space - a collective poetry, open to interpretation, which encourage autonomy, presence, intuition and interconnectedness.

Uniting the various strands of my work is an existential, self-referential humour and emotional expressivity which provides familiar ground in abstract spaces and personal themes. My work is characterised by ambiguity, but ultimately I wish to meet audiences as I am. In doing so I aim to offer space for audiences to be themselves, to celebrate vulnerability and reflect on their own subjectivity.

Photo credit @Pata Darija Popova